Jazz Dynamos take well known songs and transform them with a mix of jazz, bossa, samba, and contemporary pop music - occasionally all at the same time!  

Our eclectic repertoire includes everything from classic Peggy Lee to Latin versions of Dolly Parton and Madonna hits - with everything in-between.  

This range and crossover of material played to a high standard and presented in a unique way, plus our wonderful and engaging vocalist Lucy Randell, makes us ideal for a festival audience, appealing to both aficionados and those perhaps not so familiar with jazz.    

Jazz Dynamos are : 

Lucy Randell – Vocals and Percussion 
Mark Adelman – Keyboard     
Anders Janes – Double Bass     
Dominique Metz – Drums  & Backing Vocals     
Stewart Curtis – Saxes, Flute & Piccolo

When I saw you play, you truly blew me away”

— Music Editor of The Independent